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Detaling center Mr.Cap

We have developed a website and made SEO optimization for DotCars to increase attention to the services of a premium detaling center

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Detaling center Mr.Cap

The results of the advertising campaign

We discussed very useful questions with Yandex representatives on the topic: promotion of advertising on Yandex Maps and new advertising possibilities.
In the beginning we were given an organization card (a demonstration of how clients see our organization card in Yandex.Maps and Yandex.Navigator).
Thanks to the analytics system we can visually track all the data on leads from the site, from messengers and calls from the card.
The objectives and the final result of the advertising campaign have been achieved. We have made additional assessment of RC effectiveness with the help of built-in analytics (for 3 months 3.761 people came to our organization card).
The next discussion was about the supply and demand, which includes: an analysis of the competition, trends in the rubric. We have set new KPI: increase by x2 more, together with Yandex we updated the new KPI.
If you have a local business - a place where customers can come and pay, buy, look, get the service, then this new feature will increase the incoming leads to your business. If you need help with setting up and promoting on the cards please contact DOMODIGITAL, we are a team with experience in this matter and guarantee prompt, quality execution of tasks.

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